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3 Types of Business Phone Systems for the Perfect Business Communication Network

Communication is one of the main factors that contribute to the success of a business or organization. A good business phone system not only improves the outer communication but also internal communication as well, that is equally important in the smooth running of an organization.

When considering a good business phone system, there are the following options to choose from:

• Landlines
• Virtual phone systems
• VoIP


This is the traditional option. The service requires the support of local telephone service provider. Though the landlines are a reliable and trusted option, most of the people are moving towards newer improved solutions.

Virtual Phone System:

In this type of system, the main business phone system is connected to the mobile and home phones of remote workers. This is basically a call-forwarding system in which the calls are transferred to the workers when somebody calls the main business phone number. It includes features like automated receptionist, call screening, call forwarding, and more.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol):

This type of system uses the internet connection that the company is using already. It does not employ any wiring like landline connections. The system provides you feature like automated call attending, call waiting and more. It also provides access to the business phone to the remote workers.

There are 2 main types of the VoIP System that are used by business organizations:

On-premises VoIP System – All the equipment essential to run the phone system smoothly are located on your business premises.

Cloud-based VoIP System – No or very less hardware equipment are present in your business premises. The service provider himself manages all the hardware devices in his own premises.

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