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In business establishments where information flow and uninterrupted data drive business operations, the IT environment must be robust, secure, stable and reliable. The communications infrastructure is required to demonstrate unchallenged performance and must be planned for future scalability.

For this very reason, many corporations today are relying on a network cabling/structured cabling in Lakeland FL that will form the backbone of their business telecommunications infrastructure. We have successfully set up several projects of the voice, security and data cabling in Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and many more Cities.

Video Cabling



A now common audio/video cable, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has simplified cable management. HDMI is used as a replacement to a standalone video and audio cable to transmit video and audio signals. HDMI offers superior video & sound quality with lesser signal loss between the input and output points.

Data & Voice Cabling Services

  • Cat 5e Cabling – We install all types of copper cabling. Most if not all new installations are CAT6, however, we have some clients who still have a need for CAT5e installation and support. We stock thousands of feet of cable for your next infrastructure cabling project. Should your project need shielded, PVC riser, plenum we can handle the task. Call us for your needs.

  • Cat 6 Cabling – A “future-proof” networking cable at a higher price point than Cat5e. Cat 6 is great for businesses that heavily rely on IT for their day to day operations, need scalability to accommodate a growing workforce and to support your IT ecosystem that thrives on high speed data transmissions. Cat 6 is packed slightly tighter than Cat5e, thereby preventing signal transmission losses, network errors and lesser cross-talk interference. Cat 6 is designed to perform at frequencies up to 250 GHz and at internet speeds over 1GB and up to 10GB.

  • Cat 6a Cabling – Cat6a data cabling is the latest of the Gigabit Ethernet cabling. Cat 6a (a stands for augmented) is more expensive and performs better than its predecessor Cat6. Cat6a performs at double the frequencies of Cat6, at 250 MHz – 500 MHz. Cat6a is used in large scale applications where we must have a superior quality data transmissions over longer distances, with minimal to no cross-talk interference. Ighty Support has rapidly grown into one of the major network cabling companies and structural cabling companies in Dallas.

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