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Ensure Smooth Functioning of your Computers with Reliable IT Support

In these modern times, computers have become an important part of our lives. Everyone uses them whether at home or in the workplace. We use them for our day-to-day operations and can’t imagine a single day without our system functioning smoothly. Therefore, there is a necessity of a support system to ensure a hassle-free functioning of our computers. Ntelligent Networks, Inc. provides reliable IT support services in Lakeland Florida.

What exactly are IT support services?

IT support services entail hassle-free functioning of computer systems for a client for a fixed fee. IT support services can be engaged by an individual or an organization.

Usually, when a new laptop/computer is purchased, it comes with a warranty to cover for repairs for a fixed period of time. However, a business can hire IT support services to maintain all the laptops and computers in the organization.

Ntelligent Networks, Inc. in Lakeland Florida offers the best IT support services with the help of a proficient team of technicians.

There are three popular types of IT support services

  • Time and Material – In this case, the clients are charged for the materials used for the maintenance and a rate is fixed for the time taken for resolving the problem.

  • Block Hours – In this case, the business hiring the services of the IT support company pays them for a fixed number of hours for a pre-decided duration of a month or year.

  • Managed Services – In this case, prices are fixed according to a specific requirement. For instance, 24/7 support or support services as and when required by the client.

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