What do we provide?

  • Intrusion detection

  • Spam filtering

  • Emergency support

  • Asset and software management

  • Access to automation tools and enterprise products

  • Patch management

  • Security and risk management

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What do you mean by managed IT services?

When all the information technology related tasks are managed by a third party contractor, it refers to managed IT service. The main objective is to transfer the responsibility of maintaining IT services to another service provider.

Ntelligent Networks is a leading provider of managed IT services. We use state-of-the-art monitoring tools to manage the servers and workstations. We can help you focus on your core business by managing your IT chores in an efficient way.

Benefits of using Managed IT Services:

Provides proactive support:

We will provide complete support to your business as we will identify the problems before they occur. Thus, your business will run smoothly.

Strategic IT planning:

When you hire our services, we will help you plan ahead and advise you regarding any changes to be made in your IT system. We will ensure that your software and infrastructure always remain upgraded.

Reduce risks:

We will help you protect your IT infrastructure and reduce risks such as viruses and other threats.

With Ntelligent Networks, you can rest assured of getting quality managed IT services. We will help you manage your IT infrastructure in an efficient way.

How do we work?

  • Our professionals have the technical know-how to monitor the servers remotely.

  • We will apply and manage updates for software and virus definitions.

  • We have the expertise to manage offsite backups.

  • Our experts will analyze your hardware problems and provide solutions quickly.

  • We will provide complete assistance in dynamic password management.

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