Benefits of hiring our services

  • Client-oriented approach

  • Latest technology

  • Reduced costs

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Networking services are one of the most important requirements of a company these days. They are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your business. Ntelligent Networks is one of the most prominent companies providing complete networking services in Plant City, FL.

We have a proficient team who has the expertise in managing the LAN/ WAN, network implementation, network maintenance etc. We aim at improving the network performance for our clients.

What are the benefits of hiring our services?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring our services:

Client-oriented approach

We follow a client-oriented approach. We understand the requirements of the clients and provide networking solutions accordingly.

Latest technology

Our professionals remain updated with the current trends going on in the industry. We have the technical-know-how of using the latest technology.

Reduced costs

We offer the best networking services at a reduced cost. You can choose multiple services from our flexible packages as per your requirements.

Services provided

  • Server migrations – Our professionals have the experience and the skills to upgrade as well as migrate older server technology to the latest Microsoft server technologies including Windows Server, 2012, Windows server 2016 Standard, Windows Server Essentials. Our team has the technical know-how to safely transfer your data and security to a new server.

  • Server installations – Our team has the skills to install new servers having the latest Microsoft technology according to your needs. We have a trained team of professionals who can work with your company and provide complete assistance in ordering, installation, setup and support.

  • Server virtualization – Our team offers the latest server virtualization technology. We will partition a physical server into a number of small virtual servers with the help of software.

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