Our exclusive access control devices include

  • Facial recognition

  • Fingerprint

  • Retinal scan

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Access control systems benefit you to manage assets, property and protect your loved ones. If you are looking for purchasing the best access control device in Fl, Ntelligent is the best destination for you. We are renowned access control systems provider located in access control plant city. We offer comprehensive logical and physical security solutions to protect your assets, resources, facilities, and networks. At our plant, we manufacture an extensive range of access control devices such as contactless smart cards, contact smart cards etc.

Our exclusive access control devices include facial recognition, fingerprint, and retinal scan. They are the most effective, smart and secured automatic security system to be considered for the protection of any place.

Where can you install an access control system?

Our access control systems can be installed at vehicle access parking barriers, visitor management barrier gate, elevators etc.

Why should you go for an access control solution?

Access control is the best system to keep your places safe from any security threat. The system allows you to authorize or restrict a person from entering your premises. This particular system always ensures that unauthorised person can never enter through your gates.

How do these systems work?

Every time when a person swipes his card in a machine, an access control system authenticate the credential and then let him or stop to enter through a building.

What makes us unique?

While designing access control systems, we consider various aspects such as reliability, ease of use and security level. We have successfully installed many access control devices in a wide range of industries with varied specifications. We have highly skilled professionals who follow completely distinguished approaches and cutting-edge solutions to consider the requirements of different customers. Thus, we design access control systems that can track, monitor almost each and every place at all times.
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