Different types of access control system

  • Card readers

  • Biometric access control

  • Door controllers

  • RFID

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Are you thinking of the most effective security solution for your commercial or residential units? system would be a right pick for you! These devices are specifically designed to recognize, authenticate and authorize the entry of people who enter into the premises. By controlling individual’s entry means denying or allowing the entrance of a person, you can enjoy improved security.

Access control devices are mainly installed in electronic doors using magnetic stripe or card and generally accessed by swiping a reader on the door. These security devices can be installed in shopping malls, government agencies offices, hospitals, data centres, airports, defence, and organizations. There are different types of access control system.

Super stylish and unique in appearance! We have maintained an exclusive collection of hand-picked and modern style system. These are not only stunning in designs but also technologies used in their construction.

Now, if you have decided to buy an access control system, look no further than Ntelligent! We provide quality products at reasonable price ranges in the different regions of Winter Haven Fl

At Ntelligent, we are providing a wide range of access control systems that feature amazing functionalities such as:

  • High security – As unauthorized people would not be able to enter your premises; it means you can keep your premises safe from any theft or burglary.

  • High-performance and requires less maintenance – Our efficient access control systems perform their functionalities right when someone swipes the card or enter fingerprint. Apart from this, these are crafted using the durable and high-quality material so, need occasional maintenance.

  • Compactness – We have specifically designed our access control door closing and opening system to be compact in size so that it does not cover much area of your door.

  • Easy to install – Our provided access control systems are not complex to install. We also provide effective installation of systems so that you can expect timely and quick installation of your device.

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