Ntelligent Networks Cabling Solutions

  • Fiber Optic Installation Services

  • Copper Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat6a Design and Install Service

  • Cabling Abatement and Removal Service

  • Server Rack Cleanup Service

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Data & Voice Cabling Services

Ntelligent Neworks, Inc. offers a wide variety of structured cabling solutions for our clients. Whether the project is a new commercial construction job or a retrofit of wiring into an existing building we can accommodate all of your cabling needs.

  • Fiber Optic Installation Services – We can design and implement all fiber optic cabling installations. From single mode to multimode fiber, we can install, terminate and test to your specifications. We have the latest in technical gear and certifications to make sure your next fiber job goes on budget, on time and as planned.

  • Cabling Abatement and Removal Service – We can remove and abate old cabling from your office per lease requirements.

  • Copper Cat 5e/Cat 6/Cat6a Design and Install Service – We can supply per your requirements all copper cabling for your job. We do not use CCA (copper clad aluminum) which is a substandard product. We only use solid core copper wiring for our clients to ensure they have zero problems.

  • Server Rack Cleanup Service – Do you have a wiring nightmare? Are the server racks in your office covered in a rats nest of wires? We can properly label and rewire your rack so you know what’s going where. We have done many rewire projects for our clients.

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