Email Support:

For all of our clients information please find the information below to setup your POP3/SMTP servers within your email client:

incoming mail server:
outgoing mail server:
user name: youremailaddress, i.e., [email protected]
password: contact us if you have lost your password (863) 802-9675 or email [email protected] under the advanced tab please make sure that the box that says (outgoing server requires authentication) is checked and that it is checked where it says (use same setttings as incoming server).

We would advise you to not leave messages on the server as you could easily surpass your quota if applicable. Please contact a representative for details if you need offsite email archiving.
Please also know you may check your email on our homepage by clicking here. This is your webmail access which you get get from any computer. Just enter your email address and your password