In today’s fast pace environment businesses must have the ability to communicate within their network with or without wires. In day’s past, there was no communication between devices unless they were wired to another device which would allow them to communicate their needs across the network. Or, from computer to computer. Wireless networks have been around for several years now and have evolved from the humble beginnings to faster speeds, i.e., wireless B, A, G, N. With all of these different standards that are adopted it is very easy for the average person, or even a person with some computer knowledge to get confused. Ntelligent Networks, Inc. will help you on your journey to get your wireless network setup, expanded, secured or redesigned. Our engineers are WiFi certified in all of the brands we carry.

We setup small office wireless (Secure) networks as well as large networks and Point to Point wireless transmission with our high end product line by Proxim. Whatever your needs are we can accomodate and have the years of experience and technical know how to get the job done right the first time. Here are some brands we carry and support.